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Evaluate Cleaning Products for Effectiveness Against Germs

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Get your download today! 

Did you know that cleaning and disinfecting are NOT the same?  This printable download will teach you the proper way to do both.  

I'll also teach you how to choose the right disinfectant by knowing what to look for in the fine print on the label.  "99.9% of germs" does NOT always mean it is effective against viruses! 

You'll get 4 Printables that will show you:
*Process for cleaning and disinfecting - for infection prevention & control

*How-to read product labels to know whether it's registered to kill the virus that causes COVID-19

*How to properly use a product to ensure you're actually disinfecting

*How to use bleach [that's likely already in your home] to disinfect safely

*High-touch surface cleaning checklist 

I've boiled down years of knowledge from working in the healthcare industry to make it easy for you and your family to disinfect like a pro!


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